Grade 2

Grade 2
The second grade art lessons are designed around the understanding that second grade students are developing artists. Lessons are open ended, offering guided exploration to promote discovery and imagination.  Creativity is fostered to encourage personal expression.  Students are encouraged to create artworks based on their memories, imagination, and personal experiences with their families, friends and animals.
 Students know that their artwork can communicate an intended meaning, expressing a variety of ideas, subjects, or emotions. They can see and identify lines, shapes, colors, textures, contrast and forms in their environment and artworks and are beginning to purposefully experiment with using these visual art & design concepts in their own artworks to help convey their ideas.
 Lessons are designed to stimulate reflective thinking and encourage sharing and discussion about artwork. Students learn that their artwork has value and meaning. They learn to value the artwork of others and begin to understand it’s meaning as well.
To encourage skill development, students are introduced to and experiment with a variety of processes, techniques, and media.  This introduction to a variety of processes, techniques, and media will provide a foundation for future lessons and promote confidence in communicating visually through their artwork.
They can describe the subject matter, emotive qualities, details and visual art elements in the artwork of others as well as in their own artworks. They are learning to talk about their opinions about artwork and listen to others' ideas.
The lessons are a dynamic and integrated part of the whole school environment, promoting connections to the classroom through shared lessons and displaying student artwork.  The creative and analytical nature of art lessons provide  strength to the education of the whole child.
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Drawing: Sharing Ideas about yourself
Practicing skills to communicate visually
Self Portraits Drawing yourself in action.
Exploring the use of translucent and opaque paints to communicate ideas about shapes that move.
 Sketch books/
Self portraits & group portraits.