Anthony Macari Stops by Matunuck

Anthony Macari of NBC10 Stops by Matunuck
Posted on 03/20/2023
Anthony MacariIt's not every day you get a TV star to stop by your elementary school, but that is just what happened at Matunuck this past month. Ms. DeAlmo wanted to do something special for the school since they were awarded 5-stars by the RIDE Accountability Rating. So she reached out to NBC10's Anthony Macari and had him come by to speak to the students.

Students learned all about Anthony, and they learned a ton about weather forecasting. Anthony went into detail about all of the data and models they use to predict the weather. He spoke about how they use radar and satellite imagery to show viewers what is happening and what will happen in the future. He also talked about the water cycle and the difference between weather and climate. He did a great job answering some of the most impressive questions from the students. He also let us know why he can never wear green during a broadcast and how he knows where to point on the green screen behind him!

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