Grade 4

In the fourth grade students are encouraged to continue to create art works based on their memories, imagination, personal experiences and observations. They understand that art works can communicate ideas and express feelings as well as record what they remember, experience and imagine.
They are refining their ability to use the visual art elements of line, color, shapes, textures, form, and space selectively in their own art works. They are being introduced to design principles as a way of organizing their art works.
They are further refining basic skills and gaining greater flexibility in using different media for drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, pottery and other two and three-dimensional art works. New media and new techniques are being introduced.
They can describe the subject matter, emotive qualities, details and visual art elements in the artwork of others as well as in their own art works. They are making inferences about the meaning of art works  based on their observations. They are acquiring a verbal art vocabulary that will help them describe an artist's intention. They are learning to use these art words when they talk and write about art work. They are beginning  to use methods of making informed judgments about artwork.
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Creative Lettering
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