Matunuck School


Our Beliefs

  • All children can learn.
  • There is a climate of clear and high expectations.
  • Family involvement is crucial to student achievement.
  • Community involvement strengthens student achievement.
  • There is respect for the diversity and unique gifts of the people and cultures in our community.
  • There is a commitment to a knowledge core (curriculum), high thinking demand, and application of knowledge to real world experience.
  • Reporting systems should reflect how students are progressing toward expected standards.
  • The staff is committed to clear and high expectations, a rigorous program, and we celebrate each student's academic achievement.
  • Matunuck Elementary provides a safe and nurturing environment for all children and their families.

Our School Rules


All Settings









All Others

Be kind

Hands and feet to self

Help and share

Walk quietly

Walk in a line

Hands by your side

Include others

Share equipment

Friendly competition

Good table manners

Inside voices

Follow directions

Good listening

Inside voices

One speaker

Respect privacy

Listen and watch

Use appropriate applause

Use a quiet voice

Stay in your seat

Respect Yourself


Be on task

Give your best effort

Be honest


Walk safely

Have a plan

Play safe

Whistle blows – line up

Eat your own food

Be prepared

Take care of yourself

Raise hand


Wash hands

Sit in one spot on the floor

Sit in seat

Backpacks on lap

Respect Surroundings


Clean up after self


Pick up litter


Use equipment properly.

Respect nature


Clean up

Throw trash in cans.

Clean up

Use materials properly

Keep it clea.

Respect property

Pick up after yourself

Sit appropriately